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Welcome to the Keystone State Railroad Association

KSRRA includes all major freight carriers and short lines, non-operating railroad owners, and associate members who operate or do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We serve freight rails’ interest before federal, state and local government, business leaders, and the public. KSRRA seeks to capitalize the Keystone State’s rich railroad history to highlight the profound economic and social transformation trains have made and continue to make in the Commonwealth.

The need for an efficient transportation system is vital as the economy grows, expands and changes both nationally and statewide. Pennsylvania’s freight rail, as it was over a century ago, is integral to today’s modern transportation infrastructure.

KSRRA’s mission is to assist Pennsylvania’s elected and appointed leaders, business executives, rail industry officials and citizens in recognizing and promoting railroads and the key role railroads have in today’s global economy. Efficient and cost effective, railroads connect Pennsylvania to the world.

Our member railroads collectively employ more than 13,000 Pennsylvanians while operating 5,000 miles of track. Railroad jobs are among the best family sustaining jobs available today. In 2009 average total compensation for a railroad employee was $90,300.

Railroads move one ton of freight 484 miles a single gallon of fuel, greatly reducing emissions and helping to protect our environment.

Connecting PA Railroad Companies to Capitol Hill and Beyond.