About Us

Mission Statement 

The mission of Keystone State Railroad Association is to provide a single trade association for all freight railroads that operate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by advocating in a unified voice, before government and the public the interests, rights, funding needs, transportation policies and other concerns of its Railroad, Non-Operating Railroad Owners, and Associate Members, and further to encourage economic and business growth within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania..

2019 KSRRA Officers

Jeb Stotter - North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates

Stephen Weaver - Strasburg Rail Road Company

Jeff Stover - SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority

Jocelyn Hill, Esq. - Conrail


2019 KSRRA Board of Directors

Tracy Clark - Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad
Amanda Sargent - Burns White LLC
Jocelyn Hill, Esq. - Conrail
David Monte Verde - Delaware Lackawanna Railroad
Melanie Boyer - New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway Corp.
Rudy Husband - Norfolk Southern
Jeb Stotter - North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates
Robert Dingman - Oil Creek & Titusville Lines, Inc.
Tim Potts - RJ Corman Railroad
Jeff Stover - SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority
Stephen Weaver - Strasburg Rail Road



The safe operation of our trains and the safe movement of freight through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is our number one priority.  We strive as an industry to ensure that freight moves safely and efficiently through our Pennsylvania communities.  The well being of our employees, our customers and most importantly the citizens of the Commonwealth is our #1 priority.  We do this by actively participating in the Operation Lifesaver program, by focusing on grade crossing safety improvements and maintenance and by supporting legislation to reduce railroad trespassing.

Partnership with Pennsylvania

We actively support and defend the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s support of the rail freight industry through important funding programs like the Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP) and the Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) of the capital budget.  This public-private partnership is vital to ensure that PA’s rail freight infrastructure is ready to meet the future demands of moving freight in and through Pennsylvania.

We also monitor all legislation that is introduced in the Pennsylvania House and Senate that may have a direct or indirect impact on our industry.   We work with members of the PA Legislature, the Governor’s office, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and other state agencies to ensure our industry’s voice is heard.  

Voice for the Nation

Pennsylvania has more operating railroads than any other state in the nation and has over 5,000 miles of track.  Our association actively monitors federal issues that may affect our industry with the help of the ASLRRA and the AAR, and will engage our membership to stand up for or against any legislation that may have an impact our industry.